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Hi, I'm Josephine, though I prefer to be called -Jo. I'm 25 as of late 2023. I have a variety of interests, two great partners one of which I'm engaged to. I'm trans, and I've been on HRT for about two years now. I live in Spain, I'm currently going to college for electronics engineering after my last job fell through.

I'm also plural, which only a few people in my irl environment know about. Around Aug/Sept 2013 I made a tulpa, Danny, since they were relatively common in the community I was in at the time, and it seemed like an interesting concept. A few weeks later, after Danny was around but not super vocal yet, I felt another presence, who I named Catherine. She's the most active system member, besides myself. Ive slowly accrued more members over time, almost entirely fictives from media I get obsessed about.

I'm hoping that they will interact here too, I know at least some of them want to be more independent and express their own ideas, on their existance and such.
Perhaps, you will find my experiences interesting and stick around. And if not, that's fine too.
If you want to talk to me you can find me at jovianarchiver@hotmail.com or jovianarchiver on discord, twitter, and a few others.

Fancy seeing you here around these parts. It's a little out of your way, isn't it? My name's Catherine, though most people call me Cath, and in fact I'd rather you refer to me as such in any casual conversation setting. I'm older than Jo wants to admit, though my age isn't fully determined. I like to think of myself as an amalgam of various imaginary friends and recurring daydream characters, being by her side over the years helping her in much the same ways I do now.

It does feel nice to get to do things, to slowly push outwards onto the world, to make my own way. I'm happy to call Jo's friends my own as well, instead of just being a side character. It gets lonely sometimes, despite the permanent company. It would be nice to take the spotlight at some point, specially since Jo has wanted to get a short break for a long time, and I've wanted to act independently regardless of how she's doing, both mentally and physically.

If you have any questions for me or even if you just would like to chat for a short bit, you may find me at ringworldarchitect on discord, twitter, hotmail and gmail (don't worry, I don't get to use them enough to worry about any data harvesting, yet).