V3 Redone

V3R (V3 Redone) is a fan project to write an alternate ruleset for Flames of War based on its 3rd Edition, incorporating some of the rules changes from V4, rebalancing and unifying teams, units and formations, while keeping the listbuilding and special rules almost entirely unchanged.

I joined the community just as V4 was about to come out, and I feel like I missed out on FoW’s peak popularity. I was massively underwhelmed and disappointed at the changes brought by V4, specially on some of the reasons I was even interested in the first palce (listbuilding, special rules, unit variety), and while there are a few changes I do like, the rest of the actual rules just makes me not want to touch it.

Through a rewrite of the V3 rulebook, lists and special rules, as well as the design of new unit cards based on the V4 designed, but with V3 unit stats. While I like the V3 ruleset and lists, by the end of V3 it is too expansive, and requires a massive rework to bring everything into line and clarity, and to rebalance some of the later war stuff (looking at you, Patton).

Legal Disclaimer
I do not own the Flames of War trademark, nor the copyright to the rulebooks. If requested by BF, I will scrape the few references there are to Flames of War, which for now is this page and the book cover. As for the rules, since there are only so many ways to word or name certain specific mechanics, I have transcribed a certain ammount of the rules. The cards should be fine, except for the special rules and any names of mechanics that would infringe on copyright.
This is a non-commercial project meant to fill the gap left behind by the switch from V3 to V4, based on books no longer produced nor distributed by BF. And who knows, it might get some older players back into the game.